Solids ~ will they help your baby to sleep?

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

It is a common misconception that if you start your baby on solids they will begin to sleep more through the night.

~ Unfortunately there is no evidence to support this and in fact it is more often the case that solids can interfere with sleep! ~ When starting an infant on solids it is important that you ensure they are showing signs that they are ready for it. If they are ready, often we suggest to start with an early lunch time “meal” so that it is early enough in the day to a) ensure you’re aware if they are going to react to it and b) give them plenty of digestion time before they are going to bed at night. ~ When babies that are new to solids are having them to close to bed time it can cause some unwanted stomach disturbances and a grumpy bubby through the night.

So, if you think your baby is ready to start solids definitely give it a try!! Just don’t be to hopeful that it’ll change their their night sleep 💞

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