To swaddle or not to swaddle

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Swaddling is absolutely one of the key settling tips I give to new parents. ~ Infants between the ages of zero to around 4-5 months of age can really benefit from a nice firm swaddle for sleep. ~ The reason for this is because in these early months infants have quite a strong startle reflex which often wakes them up and they also have a strong need to feel secure. ~ Newborn babies are born from a world where gravity does not exist and their limbs are contained by the walls of the uterus. Hence why a swaddle can be so useful to help them to feel safe and secure. ~ Swaddling can also be a wonderful sleep association for babies. It is a simple step in your babies sleep routine that will help them to have more restful sleep 💞 #baby #swaddle#swaddlebaby #harveykarp #canberrababy#canberramums #canberradads #sleepconsultant#sleepbaby #smallbusiness

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