Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Just hearing that term is enough to make some parents shiver from the memory of constant catnaps!

Catnapping in infants is extremely common! It is described as a nap that end after bubs first sleep cycle which tends to be around that 30 minute mark.... sometimes even as little as 10 minutes! ~ Whilst catnapping is classified as normal infant behaviour it can be extremely frustrating as a parent and also really tiring for the baby. ~ When an infant is unable to consolidate their naps they can end up perpetually overtired which can, in turn, cause more frequent wake ups overnight. ~ Assisting baby to learn how to sleep longer than one sleep cycle takes a bit of work and support for baby (and mama) but it absolutely can be done! #sleepcycles #catnapping #catnaps#catnapsallday #babysleeping #sleepconsultant#canberra #canberramums #canberradads#smallbusiness

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