Feeding to Sleep

What a beautiful way to get your baby to sleep. Bubba feels relaxed, mama feels relaxed and the world is happy, fully bellied place 💞 ~ Feeding to sleep is an extremely common (and normal) way to get baby to settle into sleep. When our babies are very young they will actually have trouble NOT falling asleep whilst feeding due to having low energy reserves and the hormones they receive from their milk make them sleepy. ~ Often as babies grow they can come to rely on a feed to go off to sleep for naps and night sleep... who wouldn’t want to fall asleep with a cuddle from mum and some warm milk! ~ Feeding to sleep only becomes an issue when it is a problem for mum! If you are feeding your baby to sleep and it’s something you enjoy doing and it is not affecting your sleep then allow yourself that. ~ But, if you’re beginning to find that feeding to sleep is becoming more and more difficult. Baby is harder to pop down after a feed and is waking extremely frequently to be fed back to sleep then this may be something to consider changing for the sake of getting more sleep and being more well rested. ~ It is exhausting getting up every hour to a babe who wants to feed to sleep every time they stir. That kind of sleep deprivation can begin to harm the mental health of mum. ~ There are some gentle ways in which we can help baby to learn to fall asleep without feeding if it what a family and a mama wants to do. #sleep#feedtosleep #babysleeping #tiredmama #sleepconsultant#canberramums #canberradads #boobtosleep #gotosleep #canberra#smallbusiness

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