My Philosophy

Sleep is the cornerstone of health and wellbeing, and a family that is not getting the sleep they require will find that numerous areas of life will begin to suffer. 


The Goodnight Theory offers an individualised approach to helping you teach your baby some wonderful sleepy skills that they will use for life.  When it comes to infant and child sleep there is

not a one size fits all answer to their sleep issues. 

The Goodnight Theory works together with families to establish sleep plans that work for specific families and their needs.  

I ensure that all facets of a child are considered prior to implementing a sleep plan in consultation with families.  I want the families that I work with to leave the experience feeling like they were considered and that their baby was not treated like every other baby. 

I ensure that when I work with a family on their child’s sleep, that I always take into consideration the parents philosophies and parenting style.  I want to know what the parents goals are for their child’s sleep so that we are always working together as a united team. 

I pride myself in providing a service that is respectful, gentle, understanding and empathetic.  I am here to help you and your little one get the sleep you need and deserve.