About Me

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Who is behind The Goodnight Theory?

Hello, I’m Ellie, I am a mum of two, a Registered Nurse and an Infant and Child Sleep Specialist.  I have been a Nurse now for over 13 years.  For the first half of my Nursing career I worked as a Mental Health Nurse, which I loved.  I then moved on to work with babies and their families.  I have spent the past 7 years working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Paediatrics and now on a Postnatal Ward.  During these years I realised that caring for precious bubs and their families was my passion, to further my knowledge in the area I completed my post graduate studies in Child and Family Health. 

My two beautiful babies are, 4-year-old girl, Mabel, and a 2-year-old boy, Hugo.  When I had my babies, I took some time off work to really focus on them and their care.  I soon discovered that parenting was the hardest job I had ever had.  My first baby was a bubba who didn’t think to much of sleep, she slept in my arms for every… single… nap for five months straight and woke numerous times a night.  There were many nights we would spend trying to get her to sleep, many nights of crying (both bubba and mama), many hours of rocking, feeding, cuddling, bouncing… you name it, we did it!  

When Mabel was 15 months old, I was 13 weeks pregnant and beyond exhausted, we attended a weeklong “sleep school”.  We had reached breaking point with sleep and our ability to cope as a family, and with another bubba on the way we felt that we really needed some intensive support.  Our time at the local sleep school was amazing, it was the best thing we had ever done. 

She has been an amazing sleeper since that time and even when she goes through bad sleep periods (and yes, they still happen), the skills we learnt there have been absolutely invaluable and have helped us through every phase. 

Fast forward another 25 weeks and then there were two…. In came baby Hugo.  He has always been my little man destined to be a good sleeper, except for when he wanted to breastfeed every 2-3 hours overnight for 13 months!  This little man came into a family with parents that were more confident and more well equipped to help him learn how to sleep and I can honestly say that since he stopped breastfeeding at 13 months he has slept through the night every night except for when he is unwell.  

So, as you can see, I have had my fair share of sleep deprivation, I’ve been there, I’ve felt the shear pain it causes you both physically and mentally.  Sleep deprivation along with the shock of being a parent to a new little person is utterly mind blowing.  Parenting can really be the best of times and the hardest of times, often all in the one day!  

With my background in Nursing tiny bubbas and my experience with poor sleep with my own children I found my real passion.  I studied to become an Infant Sleep Specialist because I want to be there to help families get the sleep that they need.  I want to assist parents to learn the skills required to teach their babies how to sleep and give them the power to establish the kinds of sleep patterns they need in their own families, because with sleep we grow and thrive, both bubbas and parents.